Unofficial valorant client to interact with riot's valorant game api.



Dart Flutter

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valorant_client is a library to interact with VALORANT Game API's to fetch user specific data such as matches played, user info, store info etc.


  • Add valorant_client as a dependency on pubspec.yaml file on your project root. At the time of this writing, the latest package version is 1.1.0. Do check Package Page to get latest version.
  valorant_client: ^1.1.3
  • Import the library to your project class in which you want to use the library.
import 'package:valorant_client/valorant_client.dart';
  • Create a new instance of ValorantClient class.
ValorantClient client = ValorantClient(
    UserDetails(userName: {'your_username'}, password: {'your_password'}, region: {your_region}),
    callback: Callback(
      onError: (String error) {
      onRequestError: (DioError error) {

NOTE: Passing the callback here is optional. However, to know if your request failed internally due to wrong status code etc, you will require the callback.

  • Now you can initialize client. Optional Boolean parameter can be set as true if you want to handle re-authorization if session becames invalid.
await client.init(true);

NOTE: This is an async function, it authorizes this client to valorant API's. without calling this, you will not get results from the api.

  • Thats it! Now you can send api requests to Valorant API. To Get current authorized player, you can call:
final currentPlayer = await client.playerInterface.getPlayer();

Features Implemented

  • Authorization (RSO authorization flow)

    • You can use this authorization system to authorize an account, get Authorization headers required for API calls, and use it with any endpoint which is not yet implemented in this library.
    • Authorized Session normally lasts for 1 hour (Riot API limitation), you can set it to automatically re-authorize depending on the validity period if required.
  • Player Endpoint

    • Get Player (IGN, Tag Line)
    • Get Store Items
    • Get MMR
    • Get Balance (VP, Radianite Points etc)
  • Assets Endpoint

    • Get All Content Assets (Including their path, asset id etc)

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  • Google Sign can be supported ?

    Google Sign can be supported ?

    Thanks for the effort to make and open-source this package. Been experimenting with it so wanted to know any idea about google sign-in can be supported ?

    opened by gurupatel107 1
  • macOS dio 403 error

    macOS dio 403 error


    I wrote an app that works on both mobile and desktop using your package. It works on mobile without any problems, but when I run it on macOS, I get the following error. It used to work, then it suddenly broke (which I never updated the code). After that, it never worked again.

    There is still no problem on mobile, it works without any problems, but when I run it as a macOS app, it does not work. I couldn't see any place about me from the error codes. Only 'client.init' showed the parts I made.

    Error : image

    If you want to examine my codes in detail, I leave my repo link.

    Repo :

    If you only want to see the methods I wrote about the client, etc., I put the link of that page directly below.

    Account Provider codes :

    Frankly, I couldn't figure out what I did myself. I wanted to open an issue as there may be a problem with the client.

    I wish have a nice day.

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  • 2FA : Mutlifactor Authentication  feature ?

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    Hey I've been using your package and it's amazing. but the only problem I've faced is accounts with 2FA.

    So is there any way were can implement riot's RSO and combine it with the client.

    You've mentioned about RSO. But am unable to find anymore details about how to implement it.

    opened by bharadwajpalakurthy 11
Arun Prakash
Constantly patching myself with new updates :P
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